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Adeptus Mechanicum - Skitarii Rangers - II

Work in progressPosted by Thirteen Ravens Std Jul 11, 2015 22:47
After the black basecoat and the dry brush with metallic grey (vmc) and runefang steel (GW) I begin the base of the rest fo the model colors.

As I'm painting some rangers from Stygian VIII forgeworld I have paint the armour with red hull (VMC), the cloths with mechanicum standard grey, and the cloack with black (Americana should be enough matt, but vallejo Arte Deco will be fine too).

After all the basic colors have been painted I washed all the models with agrax earthshade (GW), and when dry, nuln oil (GW). Then I took runefang steel and mixed it with water 1:1, in order to give some thin layers on the metallic areas.

Those are the models I'm working on.

I will be taken pics of the entire groups, but for show the WIP better I'll take at least one or two models alone, as they looks bigger.
On this step the models is so dark than have no much definition, but on following post, when I will paint the highlights it should be more clear.

Good Hunting!!!

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